Good Neighbor Policy – Three Oaks Quarry

Good Neighbor Policy

Everyone appreciates a good neighbor—and we’re committed to being one. That’s why we’ve established an industry-leading guarantee, available to all of our neighbors, that our operations will not affect nearby water wells, structures, or home values. Our policy is clear, readily available online and is so all-inclusive that other quarry operators are changing the way they operate to meet the Three Oaks Quarry standard.

If it’s Not Grown, it’s Mined

The rock we obtain from our quarry is an essential part of daily life. Aggregates (like rock) help build roadways, bridges, neighborhoods, sidewalks and schools — just to name a few.

Before we can use rock, it must first be small and loose enough to be removed from the ground and processed. One commonly-used method to obtain rock is “blasting.”

Highly trained operators drill small, precise holes in the rock, which are then filled with blasting material. A highly-coordinated, highly-regulated, closely-monitored detonation follows, which breaks the rock into small pieces that quarry workers then extract.

Independent studies conducted by federal agencies confirm that our operations do not harm nearby structures and surrounding neighbors. When it comes to our operations, we believe in transparency and accountability. That’s why we tell our neighbors when blasting will occur, and use advanced technologies to monitor local vibrations.

Blasting Notifications

Part of our transparency and accountability process involves sharing information about our operational schedule with neighbors. Blasting operations are scheduled to occur only on weekdays — never weekends.

Neighbors to the quarry may request to be placed on a notification list. Neighbors who sign-up for notifications will be notified via phone within 24 hours prior to a scheduled blast.


Part of being a good neighbor is our guarantee that operations at the Three Oaks Quarry will not affect nearby structures or homes. That’s why we offer Neighbors to the quarry a pre-blast inspection of buildings on his or her property. If a neighbor requests it, we’ll send an independent seismologist to inspect their property to ensure its structural integrity.


Our operations do not harm local groundwater. Neighbors to the quarry may request a water quality review of wells on their property and be offered our Water Well Guarantee that quarry operations will not affect the quality of their water.

Property Values

We have no reason to believe that our operations will affect the property value of our neighbors’ homes. In fact, studies have shown that there is no statistical evidence connecting home values to local quarry operations. Don’t just take our word for it — read this recent Phoenix-Center study to learn more. We’ll even provide a written property value guarantee that is property specific, to our neighbors that request the guarantee.

Read the Study

Community Council

We pride ourselves on having open lines of communication with our neighbors and community. Part of our Good Neighbor Policy includes support for a neighborhood property owners council, which will meet quarterly and share ideas. We’re committed to being an industry leader in community relations, which means we regularly talk to our neighbors, listen to them and keep an open door. Any potential complaints are encouraged to be brought to quarry management immediately and can also be addresses through the community council.